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What is the Job Description Of Clinical Nurse Specialist ?

Who is a Clinical Nurse Specialist? A clinical nurse specialist (CNS) is an Advanced Practice Nursing course that intends to prepare student nurses for patient care, diagnosis and treatment practices aimed at improving the health of patients. These type of nurses are advanced practitioners who work with other staff nurses as well as doctors to… Read More »

CNS Education and Training

Pursuing a career as a clinical specialist nurse is one sure-fire way of getting into a career that is not only exciting, but also in high demand. It is one among the most prestigious careers in the Advanced Practice Nursing Professions bracket. But to practice, you will need some schooling. Clinical specialist training aims at… Read More »

CNS vs Nurse Practitioner

There are a lot of similarities between a clinical nurse specialist and a nurse practitioner, both fall under the categorization of Advanced Practice Nursing, are ranked amongst the highest paid careers in the field of nursing, play important roles in nursing as well as making significant contributions to patient care in medical environments, and finally,… Read More »

Clinical Nurse Specialist – Salary and Career

A high clinical nurse specialist salary is one of the many factors that keep attracting more nurses to this career path. The healthcare industry has seen the better of discoveries and medical advances in recent years, which has continued to open more and more doors for nurses in general, and for clinical nurse specialists in… Read More »

Types of Nurses and Their Roles in the Healthcare

There are as many types of nurses as there are departments in any medical setting. From nurses who fly helicopters to ferry the critically ill, to nurse practitioners who provide patient care in hospice inpatient units and critical-care units, there is plenty of space for everyone. In broader terms, there are different nurses playing varying,… Read More »