Clinical Nurse Specialist – Salary and Career

By | March 13, 2017

A high clinical nurse specialist salary is one of the many factors that keep attracting more nurses to this career path. The healthcare industry has seen the better of discoveries and medical advances in recent years, which has continued to open more and more doors for nurses in general, and for clinical nurse specialists in particular. Becoming a clinical nurse specialist is one of the best ways of giving back to the community and serving people while earning a lucrative salary out of it. And this career is without a doubt fun, challenging, and quite competitive. Out in the world, there are just so many possibilities for the prepared clinical nurse specialist, and if you are that prepared nurse, a nice clinical nurse specialist salary awaits you.

You can earn your clinical nurse specialist salary in many different medical setting, as clinical nurse specialists can work in many clinical medical environments such as emergency rooms, operating rooms, hospital wards and independently in private practice. And with so many specialties such as perinatal nursing, adult nursing, parent-child health nursing and rehabilitation nursing, amongst others, there are endless options of earning a lucrative clinical nurse specialist salary.

Clinical Nurse Specialist Salary and Job Responsibilities

A clinical nurse specialist salary is only high because there are a ton of responsibilities that need taking. In the medical and nursing fields a salary is proportionate to the amount of work. Throughout a clinical nurse specialist training program, future nurses are trained for an in-detail involvement and optimization of the healthcare system. For this reason, the duties and responsibilities of a clinical nurse specialist may extend far and beyond patient care, thus the better salary. The clinical nurse specialists salary attempts to cover all the roles of these types of nurses,  including provision of consultation services, educating patients and their families, as well as implementing and evaluating the effects of patient care rendered. A clinical nurse specialist salary will also seek to remunerate the CNS for services rendered in reducing medical errors, quality enhancement and increasing efficiencies at the place of work.

A high clinical nurse specialist salary is a well thought way of compensating clinical nurse specialists for all the hard work and time invested in education and training. To practice as one and consequently earn a great salary, you must be a holder of a Master’s of Science in Nursing and over 500 hours of strenuous on-the-job practicum. If that isn’t enough, a CNS must first sit for a not-so-easy national certification test administered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center before being allowed to practice. At the end of the day, a lucrative clinical nurse specialist salary and benefits are just two among some of the better ways of rewarding such a profession.

The Clinical Nurse Specialist Salary

According to data from the Bureau of Labor statistics, the median clinical nurse specialist salary thrives in the region of $80,000 per annum. On the lower scale a CNS may earn $50,000, while a seasoned practitioner might earn a salary of over $100,000. You stand to earn quite the dream clinical nurse specialist salary if yours is a thriving private practice.

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