Clinical Nurse Specialist : What You Must Know

A clinical nurse specialist, abbreviated CNS, is a highly trained or rather advanced nursing practitioner who dedicates his/her energies and expertise to the care of specific patient populations. Other than providing typical any other day care to patients, it specializes in the treatment of specific diseases. Also, in addition to working in conventional medical settings such as hospital wards, a clinical nurse specialist can also work in several medical environments including critical care, operating rooms and emergency response units.

Clinical Nurse Specialist Opportunities Are Quite Versatile

Thanks to a focused and extensive training, a clinical nurse specialist can specialize in any of the many medical procedures. In broad terms, this is a is quite versatile career; it is dynamic and still evolving in line with new discoveries and advancement in the medical field. On a typical day, the routine of clinical nurse specialists will incorporate many different practices such as clinical practice, consulting, management, teaching and researching. It is this cocktail of activities that makes these specialists assessment skills set tends to be a little more centered than a typical nurse’s. A clinical nurse specialist is capable of providing more skill than even nurse practitioners (who more often than not have their duties sub-divided into different areas).

Clinical Nurse Specialist Education and Training

It is quite the challenging task to step into the shoes of a clinical nurse specialist. This type of nurse is a registered nurse who must first graduate with a Master’s or Doctorate Degree from a Clinical Nurse Specialist program. Since a CNS must interplay roles in the three overlapping spheres of nursing, patient and healthcare system, relevant education, training and certification is critical. To optimum service delivery, these nurses must be trained in such areas as direct clinical practice that includes acquiring expertise in advanced assessment and implementing as well as evaluating the outcomes of nursing care.

Other than that, a CNS must be trained in expert coaching and guidance, which includes helping nurses in smoothly integrating skill and new evidence into sound nursing practice. Expert coaching also means that they must be well versed in the art of impacting education and skills to patients and their families. A specialist in clinical nursing must also be well trained in collaborative team building and fervent consultation practices.

Clinical Nurse Specialist Education and Training Programs

Most, if not all, the education programs in the country offer a brilliant opportunity for would-be nurses, to gain skills and experience in professional and clinical leadership, and research as well as ethical decision-making practices. With such a definitive set of skills, a CNS is in better position to show responsibility and command authority while negotiating moral dilemmas as well as carry out, interpret and use research findings for effective service provision. There is a myriad of notable clinical nurse specialist education programs offered in different community college universities and national universities across the nation. Take a step towards a brighter future now.

Clinical Nurse Specialist Jobs and Salary Projections

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, becoming a clinical nurse specialist is a growing, promising and lucrative medical career. Although most available positions appear to borrow heavily from each other, there are many varying CNS positions for the whole lot of us. These professional experts play a vital role in the healthcare system by providing and improving patient care. Their role is quite the cog, without which, the entire healthcare system would stall before crumbling.

A wide range of Clinical Nurse Specialist Career Options

For this reason, a clinical nurse specialist has an almost unlimited range of career options. You will find these nursing experts in specialized medical units such as acute care nursing, neonatal nursing, cardiovascular nursing or rehabilitation nursing. Furthermore, experienced specialists have the option of narrowing down their expertise to the treatment of a particular disease such as cancer; a type of specialized care such as dressing and wound care; or to the improvement of care in a specific medical setting such as the operating room or emergency room.

Moreover, a clinical nurse specialist will find exciting jobs in hospital wards, long-term medical care facilities, dedicated patient care facilities and even research centers. Other than that, they may also serve as independent or dedicated consultants for healthcare agencies and global non-profit organizations such as The Red Crescent (Red Cross).

Clinical Nurse Specialist Average Salary (per annum)

According to a report arrived at using a Certified Compensation Professionals analysis of data collected from thousands of Human Resource departments by as in March 2012, the median expected salary of a clinical nurse specialist is in the area of $89,087 per annum. From an infograph on the same website, CNSs earn between $74,298 and $103,948 on a yearly basis depending on other factors such geographical location and job experience. From convention, the more experienced you are, the higher the pay. In addition, and according to data, this career is among the highest paid nursing careers.

Clinical Nurse Specialist: Specialties and Job settings

A clinical nurse specialist career offers prospective practitioners a wide range of specialties in which to practice. Apart from working with specific patient populations, these nurse experts intently focus on their specialties making them core to the growth and development of managed care; they understand how best to manage and handle the interdependencies and complexities involved in clinical nursing and healthcare practice in general.

There are many specialties from which to choose including but not limited to Adult Nursing, Geriatric-Nursing, Home-Health Nursing, Infectious-Disease Nursing, Oncology-Nursing, Parent Child Nursing, Perinatal-Nursing, Public Health and Psychiatric Nursing. A clinical nursing specialist career is without a doubt worth pursuing.

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